10 National Records in India & Limca Book of Records, 20 National Awards by Govt. of India

‘’When GOD pushes somebody, Lead Somebody…

No Power in the World, can stop such a person’’

‘’I slept and dreamt that life was joy; I awake and saw that life was servicer ;

I acted and behold service was joy ‘’ ………….Rabindranath Tagore

DR. PRADEEP BHARDWAJ is the founder of MOUNTAIN MEDICINES SOCIETY, INDIA & SIX SIGMAHEALTHCARE, New Delhi (Government of India Registered organization), which is specialized in High Altitude Medical Services at National & International levels. They are dealing with the question of life and death of people at Any Height- Anywhere – Anytime- Any whether and Any Hill. The most amazing is that they are not taking any donations – they are not the liability on any one.

IIMA ALUMNUS SELFLESS SERVICES TO THE NATION- The tradition of velour and sacrifices is a daily part of life at Six Sigma Healthcare. The story of Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj, is a golden Journey, in the history of human lives. Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad. They demonstrated the rare capability in high hills. Just Imagine the thrill of Six Sigma Pristine white Surrounding, majestic snow-capped peaks, known for its religious and cultural values, physical beauty and thrilling nature. Just imagining your life in Minus 7 temp, no electricity, no water no food, no hotel and they are still doing service to the nation without any self-motive. HE DO THE THINGS, THATS MAKE INDIA PROUD, The religion of DR. PRADEEP BHARDWAJ is to save lives on High Altitude. Serves in the High mountains like an army, courageous, dedicated, disciplined and always ready to fight and move against all the odds. They have the passion to change lives passion for excellence, compassion for the people. He is providing most difficult free High Altitude Medical Services at any time, any Height, any weather, any hill, without any cast creed, religions, state or Boundary under the minus temperature of Himalaya and up to the height of 23000 feet. 

DR. PRADEEP BHARDWAJ – SIX SIGMA HEALTHCARE IS THE SHINING EXAMPLE IN INDIA JOURNEY, The Pride of the Nation, Since 2003. They are dealing with the question of life and death. Dr. Bhardwaj is leading a team of 370+ doctors, Para medicals and Rescued 6200 victims and treated free of cost more than 2 lakhs citizens at National & international levels up to the Height of 24500 feet. The most amazing is that, SIX SIGMA is not taking any Donation- not the liability on any Government, He is leading by example. PM Modi in Gujrati wrote a comment that “Collective Efforts, Gives more effective results’ ‘

Disaster pushes 24 millions people into poverty every yearThe 5o% land in India is Disaster Prone. There is no Higher Religion than Human service On High Altitude Dr. Pradeep Treat Every Pilgrims and connect them with the Supreme God. Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj thinks differently, and historically has been known as risk takers. Every mountain has new experience, those visible can go invisible any moment

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